Saturday, April 21, 2012

PT's Advice - No FAST FOOD

This weekend will be a breakaway from PT session weekend. Yup! I'm heading to Malacca for my weekend breakaway... Breakaway from my work, my boss, my parent and of cause my PT.

To tell you the truth... I missed my PT session now. Next PT session is scheduled on Monday early morning.

Let's rollback to Wednesday evening, I have a chat with my PT after my work out session. I was asking him on what he eats everyday... he told me he could eat anything and he will not worry about putting weight as his metabolism is high... I guess he might have Metabolic age = 18 years old :p Not like me 33... Sad sad.

Anyway, one of the food that he prohibited me to eat is FAST FOOD (McD, KFC - Hmmm i also not going to eat KFC, scare of being beaten and become famous in Youtube, Popeye etc.). Errrrr... maybe i was eating too much of FAST FOOD for the past few weeks... Basically we have McD twice a week... Now i regretted... Sigh~ Sigh~ and Sigh~  "I'm loving it... " TZ will sing "I hating it"... Tsk~ Tsk~  i think i have gained so much fat because of all those trans-fat from FAST FOOD... So now i say "Tak NAK" to FAST FOOD...

McD lunch set - Value for Money and FAT :p
Anyway, how many fast food meals you have per week?


Small Kucing said...

duno...sometimes nearly daily..sometimes 1 month oso tak makan

JokerPJ said...

Amen to "No fast food" :P

Medie007 said...

none in past one month!