Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brotzeit @ Mid Valley

Two Friday ago, I was having the dinner with SK and Anton in Mid Valley. I didn't know there is a nice German Pub that served nice porky dishes... Sorry guys, non-halal stuff. So please do not proceed if you not into this kind of food ;-)

Porky food outlet actually targeted the niche market, so it's not easy to get a nice porky place. It happened that Anton got to know this place which he claimed that lots of bloggers have reviewed and given this place a TWO THUMBS up a.k.a LIKE in Facebook.

Brotzeit @ Midvalley is the German restaurant that we visited, we were enjoying ourselves so much with the nice porky platter for sharing... Buy 1 free 1 alcohol drinks (Vodka, Gin, ... etc). Of cause the company with two of my close friends :p

Porky platter 
Left only few pieces
Guess  what my friends said in Facebook...
Friend #1 : Pls Ta Bao (pack) some for me... ;p Hungry le ;p
Friend #2 : Wah! Looks good man!
Friend #3 : Looks delicious!
Friend #4 : Wonder if same as Singapore Brotzeit
Friend #5 : Wonderful service, food, drinks and chats!
Friend #2 : Looks quite similar.
Friend #6 : Wow

Friend #3 likes this.

Unfortunately when i found out the message, we have wallop all the eatable parts of the porky platter... Left...
Left the bone... any doggie wanna this?
Yummy! Yummy! and Yummy~
Have you been to this restaurant before?


Medie007 said...


TZ said...

Medie007: why >.> :p

Jobless Girl said...

Wow, the porky platter is mean for 2 - 3 pax? If this is serving for single person then is quite alot.

TZ said...

Jobless Girl : Thanks for dropping by my blog... Three of us were having the platter but it would be just nice for 4 person. I couldn't imagine how a person could finish this ;-)