Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can i be 25 years old again?

Let's continue with my previous post... I'm targeting to be 25 years old again... and my friend commented "Dream On"... of cause I'm not able to get 25 years old again on my chronological age... but i still able to get 25 again on my Metabolic age.

Have you heard about metabolic age? let's Wiki to find out. 

Last Friday, my PT gave me a weighing session before my warm up. I was shocked with my weights and felt sad with my Metabolic age. The report shown my Metabolic age is 33, which is no longer 25 as four years back. Anyway, I should be happy as my Metabolic age is still lower than my Chronological age. 

I told my PT that i wanna to be 25 years old again... My PT said that's NOT impossible. But... 
Okie, I will commit to do more cardio to boost up my burning rate a.k.a Metabolism rate. I can do it and i will be there in one month.

Yesterday, when i was browsing FB status and i came across a report / status update from one of my gym friend. His report is so nice ... Guess what? His Metabolic age is 18. Amazingly good eh~

So what is your metabolic age and Chronological age?


Small Kucing said...

err...i dont know....maybe mine metabolic age is like 80 instead of 18

Medie007 said...


Gratitude said...

Anything to test the level of maturity of the PT instructor ar?

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Really, you small... should be less than 18

Medie007: So what yours >.<

Gratitude: You have a way to test? maybe you should give it a try and let me know...