Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dinning on the Sky...

Let's roll back to my 2011 year end vacation... The 17 days Northern Thailand + Bangkok trip. It was a superb trip as i have taken tans of nice pictures with my Nikon D7000 - High Definition (HD). 

Anyway, my friend has booked a nice dinner on the sky - This is an open air restaurant on the roof top of a building/hotel i.e LE BUA. The restaurant is famous for its spectacular view of the sunset and lights up moment of the city of angel, Bangkok!

View on Menam Chao Phraya
View on Menam Chao Phraya
View on Silom Area
View on the tallest building in Bangkok
Silom Area
The Sirocco restaurant is one of the fine dining restaurant in Bangkok. At the end we spent around RM500+ for a meal high up @ the nice restaurant in town. Expensive dining with the ultimate experience of the most beautiful view of Bangkok. And a windy night on the roof of the building. Worth and value for money? Hmmm... try it and let us know eh~

The DOME @ LE BUA is a popular place for enjoying the view of Bangkok too... Actually you don't need to dine in that expensive restaurant to have the nice view. You could drop by the Dome Skybar to enjoy the view too. Just buy a RM50+ cocktail to enjoy the scenery :) I think this is much more worth than the dinner if you have a tight budget :p

Dome - Skybar @ Le Bua Hotel
So do plan your trip to drop by this place... you will not regard...  


Small Kucing said...

will mark in my 1000 place to visit list before i kaput :)

Psss....last line typo error..."regret"

Twilight Man said...

A view to a kill....

The bill is so ridiculous but befit the Prince of Uganda.

ChrisAu said...

Superb pics!!!! Stunning!

TZ said...

Small kucing: Oops typo error... these few days i was very restless and always made lots of typo mistake. Mind and hand cannot in sync :(

Twilight man: No more prince of Uganda story... it's a past :p

ChrisAu: Thanks... I'm using D7000 :)