Saturday, January 5, 2013

How important is Communication?

My job nature has given me a training ground to deal with people from various countries around the globe. I have the opportunities to work with people from different culture and different background. Not to say different age and ethnic group.

So many years of dealing with people around the world without seeing their facial expression when communicate with them. I have developed on a skill set to sense on whether they are happy or not happy from the tone of their voice and the way they write the sentence. 

Working is working and i found this is much more simple on communication as everything is NOT very much base on the feeling for the judgement. When come to communication with the person closer to you. It's always double the afford to make the communication clear and workable. If we don't communicate properly, there will a risk to trigger unnecessary perception or miss interpretation and it will destroy the rapport or relationship of two or more parties which has built for years. 

So do you think communication is important? Especially communicate with those person which we don't see daily...

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