Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution for TZ

It's 2nd day of Year 2013... "So what is your new year resolutions" asked by almost all the people. So what is yours?


  • Be better on handling all the events, challenges which are surrounding me.  
  • Spend more time with my parent, person i love, my close friends and of coz those new friends that i met which worth spending my valuable time with them. 
  • Continue stay healthy and work out my long due 6 Packs wish... Can i achieve this year?
  • Always reach for better opportunities and undertake better career enhancement. 
  • Get one or two certification within 2013, maybe doing master in International Business.
  • Seeing more parts of the world... I'm not yet plan which part of the world should i go LoL
Anyway, i will try my best to close all these resolution before the next review i.e. 2014. 

So what is your new year resolution? Do you have one?


[SK] said...

cool resolutions ah.. maybe i can have yours as a reference.. well, that's basically what a general man wants right?? :p

TZ said...

[SK] you haven't figured out your resolution for this year? Anyway, this is just a high level resolution. Now need to put to plan and execute :p

ChrisAu said...

Share two with you, the six packs and certification. :)

TZ said...

ChrisAu: Let's remind each other eh~

MEcoy said...

good thing youre site was now accessible
anyways, best of luck in that i know you can do it

TZ said...

MEcoy: thanks you.