Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reflecting... Repackage... Relaunch...

I was chatting in FB with a friend of mine whom i haven't been meeting him quite sometime due to my busy traveling schedule.

Friend : ooo Birthday Boy!!
Me : Not yet...
Friend : How old will u be ar?
Me : 3x
Friend : wait a minute. U r almost the same age as me?

blah blah blah... 

Friend : becoming age conscious are you?
Me : Nope
Friend : Age gracefully. Be thankful u live so long.

Then he started to tell me one incident which his friend die in a sudden cause heart attack. "So don't be negative be happy"

Think about it, i just have a few more hours to finish what i suppose to finish with my age now. I will carry a new age number few hours from now. Guess what? I will have a new launch of myself in a new packaging... A new me to move forward to achieve more and to be loved more.

People might see me whom have a successful career, a stable income, a going to "hot body", a good and enjoyable life. But deep inside me i feel like i have nothing. Maybe i have set myself too high expectation/goal.

First and foremost, i have to let go some of the burdens which hinder me to move forward, something which is deep inside me for so long... a less confident of me since i left a great company on 2008. I have went through up and down, experienced standing on the top of my life as well as down to the valley... but i still searching back the ME which would be able to self motivate and of cause pulled myself back up again. Today i don't see that ME again for past few years. It has to be put to STOP.

Let me use this few remaining hours to figure out how i should go...


wenn said...

live our life to the fullest..don't worry about age. The most important thing in life is you love yourself more than anyone.

Twilight Man said...

Your Klang guru didn't guide you kah? Come buy me Starbucks and talk.

MEcoy said...

age was just a number
life is beyond it so live it it the glory of god and everything will be just perfect

TZ said...

Wenn: Agreed with you age is not an issue. Anyway, lots of people say i look younger than my actual age :p

Twilight Man: WoW~ not you buy me Starbucks? :p

MECoy: yup agreed :)