Monday, January 7, 2013

Signal and hint from others

Sometime i was not as sensitive as i thought in some of event, people and environment. But nevertheless, i am extremely sensitive when come to a total strange place for instance traveling to a total new place, new environment. My scanner will activate and super careful on each of the detail and change surrounding me including the people.

Unfortunately in some cases, especially those environment that i am too comfortable... I tensed to relax and lose some of my sensitivity. Due to this relaxing mode, I tensed to lost some of the important detail of signal/hint from the event and people surrounding me. I'm not ignoring those signal/hint. It actually registered that moments into my mind, but i just not aware of what need to be done until someone or some event actually come on board. When i tried to scan through my memory, i realized that i should have picked up those signal and try to take action immediately. Sigh~

When came to some event no one would tell you directly as this event/environment should be delivered through signaling/hinting then actions. Some how i failed to get some signal along the way. I'm still weak on capturing some of the signal in such an environment. I don't know it is because of lack of experiences or .... Anyway, if given another opportunity, I will definitely capture all the detail to this area of signaling/hinting follow by the reaction. Action count eh! 

Any of you have some experience to share? How is your sensitivity towards some event, people and environment? 


Twilight Anay said...

When you took photos, you were too focused and engrossed at 1MK. Next time I will spank your head! LOL

I am blurr like sotong when I am tired otherwise I have sensitive radars to detect ghosts too.

TZ said...

Twilight Anay: When you see me taking photo in 1MK..? If you can detect ghost... please don't come near me. I have a weak heart :p