Sunday, January 20, 2013

You think too much

Few more days, there will be another digit increase in my AGE... sad right? Every year during this period i will look back of how things going for me for the past one year in term of my personal life and career... I think year 2012 was not a good year for me. I didn't see much progress, moreover i think it's backward... Sigh~ 

Frankly speaking i might have lost in the middle of somewhere where no one could be able to lend a hand... maybe you could lend a hand by offering / introduce a job for me at the job market i wanted to...Anywhere, this is the first month of year 2013 and i'm a bit of struggling on putting myself together to decide how i would proceed with my career and personal life. 

I was hoping to jump into another job market which bring me higher income but with so many attempts i was a bit disappointed. But no matter how, I still keep on trying and trying and trying ... like the Energizer Rabbit... Maybe it's the rabbit that has gave me the power to continue on searching... :p
No an easy search as it has to align with my career... you know i'm no longer young :p

Sometime i think i just take things too seriously which stress myself out and others people surrounding me. I handled so many tough situation years over years in the corporate world, i could manage them well and get those resolved within the budget and time. Got lots of recognition from my fellow colleagues and bosses. Now if you talk about the situation outside the office... This is a tough challenge. For those work related stuff... i could just make the decision without looking at the feeling side. But when come to stuff outside work... this is where the feeling chip in. This is where my challenge is... the more i have invested the feeling, the tougher i could handle the situation well. Maybe it's me... I THINK TOO MUCH, am I?

Anyway, i'm trying to learn to balance it but i still need a lot of support from people surrounding me to help me to get there.


Twilight Man said...

Everyone goes through the same phase and thoughts like you. Shakespeare said the world is like a stage with human actors. Our lives are like the waves in the ocean, rising up and down like tides....sometimes it takes longer for the tide to rise. Just be patient, there is light at the end of the tunnels.

Small Kucing said...

not energiser's durecell :p

sabar. Somethings takes longer.

MEcoy said...

thats the spirit dude!
keep on living
keep it positive
and age is just a number dont mind it