Friday, January 4, 2013

Everything is POSSIBLE extreme Ride 2013

I received an invitation from Izwan, the RPM instructor to participate on the Everything is Possible Extreme Ride 2013 at Fitness First clubs. All the participants have to finished 24 rides in any RPM classes in order to be qualified for the Finale Ride i.e. 3 hours ride in Fitness First Avenue K. 

I was given the first signature after riding in Izwan RPM class @ Summit Wednesday. I still not sure whether should i continue to participate as i will be losing most of my muscle cause i need to attend 3 classes per week in order to get the qualification. 

The instructor signature

The report card :p
Here you go the step by step explanation. All the participants need to abide to the timeline given and finished the number of RPM classes accordingly to the timeline. Is this tough? I would say not to those RPM advance riders but for those beginner, you may need to put more effort to complete the requirement. 

Anyone interested to participate the Extreme Ride 2013?


Small Kucing said...

errr...not for me :p

MEcoy said...

honestly i dont know how to ride a bike haha

TZ said...

Small Kucing: hehehe...

MEcoy: you can learn using this RPM bike :)