Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Les Miserable @ New Year Day

Hello my fellow readers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR, May you have a brighter and happier year 2013

Anyway, My friends have asked me out for a movie @ Sunway Pyramid on the First day of the Year. They waited for me to come back from Vietnam to watch this movie together. :)

According to multiple reviews and spoilers... this movie has its own unique way of presentation. Some people said this movie is boring, some say this movie is very good... So it's a mix review. I think this movie is interesting if you really enjoy and appreciate the broadway musical. I personally found it interesting, touchy and not boring.

If you are feeling down and watching this movie, I bet you will be touch even deep especially the scene when Anne Hathaway sings I dreamed a dream. My tear nearly dropped cause i listen word by word clearly... Anyone has the same feeling?

Another great song is Do You Hear The People Sing? which sing by a group of revolutionists, I can feel their enthusiastic and encouragement to fight for a change which brought them towards the hope of freedom... My fellow people of Malaysia... are we gonna sing the same song?

The finale was the most touching part of the whole movie... My tear dropped when came to this scene. Overall, the whole movie is so good... Worth to watch :)

What do you think?

P/S: 2 hours 25th years anniversary Les Miserable concert


foongpc said...

Happy New Year 2013!! I have yet to watch this movie, but I like musicals! So I think I will like this movie, especially now that you are praising it as well! : )

TZ said...

Foongpc: If you like musical you shouldn't miss it. Guess what? I was listening to the 25th years anniversary concert when writing this post :p

thompsonboy said...

I personally felt that just like Phantom's movie, some things are better left at the West End.

Mr Lonely said...

Happy New Year 2013~ i might watch this movie soon too~ thanks for sharing~

Medie007 said...

the only 5/5 for this i'd say the line of casts. songs are ok. but it's kinda over-promoted. not as miserable as i hoped.

TZ said...

thompsonboy: maybe your are right :)

Mr. Lonely: You should

Medie007: how miserable you wanna the Les Miserable to be >.< Anyway, i felt it is over-promoted too. I like the song and guess what? I have been listening over and over...