Wednesday, January 9, 2013

@ the Junction

You might perceive i'm standing in the valley of the world cause some emo post earlier. I even have one of my caring friend calling me to ask me whether i'm okay. I'm very appreciate i gotten friends to support in this period of time. I'm NOT standing at the valley of the mountain and i will NOT allow myself to reach there. I know inside me something is bothering me but i'm trying very hard to overcome my inner self before reaching out to close the gap. Honestly, i'm in a junction of my path and some thought need to be put together to make a better future for me and people surrounding me. * Listening to this song while writing this post

I hope the junction that i encountered is as simple as this but this is really not the case...
Is this junction that i'm in right now. Hopefully NOT~  
Picture adapted from www.cyclismas,com
Until now, i still haven't have an idea how my junction looks like, i can see a few paths and lot's of assessment and analysis needed to figure out how my junction looks like. A lot of unclear paths are hidden in the fog...

Whenever, you are in the junction. A very important skillset you need to apply i.e. DECISION MAKING. You need to be more objective to pull yourself back to make a wise decision... making decision is NOT easy eh~ If you are trying to avoid making decision or afraid to make decision and let it be. You are actually made a worst decision. No matter how we need to make DECISION.