Saturday, April 12, 2008

KLIA @ 0200

Mom's flight arrived KLIA @ about 0130. Dad and I left downtown KL @ about 12:45 and we took the KL-Putrajaya highway from KL to Cyberjaya exit and then took the Elite highway to KLIA. The journey took us about 45 mins. 

Along the KL-Putrajaya Highway, i saw a lots of youngsters gathered at the R & R area and also along the highway. I was not very comfortable, i guessed they might be waiting for something or might be waiting for car racing on the highway. I saw lots of tyre track on the highway in the daytime. This will jeopardize the highway users during late night or early morning. Dear Police, could you please do something about this?

When we arrived @ KLIA, there were lots of cars already parked @ the side of the arrival hall... Dad went inside to meet mom while i standby in the car just in case the police come. So i got some time to take snapshot some pictures to show all of you how KLIA on 1:45am.

After picking up mom, I was not comfortable to use the KL-Putrajaya Highway, so decided to use the NKVE instead. The whole journey took us about 1 hours to reach home. 

It's late or should i say it's early rite now. Gotta hit the bed... :->

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