Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pay a visit to the Malaysia Largest Market ...

I managed to pay a visit to a huge market last Friday for the 1st time. I heard from friends and read lots of article about these kind of market for those people whom wanted to get a better opportunities. These kind of market usually jammed with people. The were no surprise with Malaysia's but still not as bad as what in China. You must be wondered what market i was visiting last Friday... hehehe definitely not a wet market (I don't go wet market :-p )... it was a job market i.e. Career & Training fair 2008 organized by

I reached Midvalley as expected and my ex-colleagues and friends still not arrived. So i have a chance to stand near the entrance of the fair to observed the how the crowd reacted and how the people walked in and out. Took a couple of pictures but too bad they did turn out good except this one :-( 
There were lots of young people holding a stake of files and quickly walked into the exhibition area. When I saw their facial expression, they were so enthusiastic to get a job. I bet they were Recent College Graduate that wanted a job fast to earn their first dollar/Ringgit. From the same view, i managed to see some of the sour facial expression too which i belief they failed to get what they expected. From my analysis, i think this guy was desperate for a job and could not get one over in the exhibition... poor him. As for me, i don't know why i wanted to go there, maybe i just wanted to observe the situation and get some feel of how the job market now. 

Once my friends arrived, we happily walked into the exhibition hall. AIG was our 1st stop... The AIG booth looked impressive and i filled out a form and mentioning that i would post my Resume later. Anyway, they have some games but i did not manage to win anything ... it wasn't my lucky day. :-> We moved over to others booths... managed to stop by Petronas, Obtech, Lenovo, TRW, Intel, AMD, Philip Morris etc. I also got to know a head hunter who were so keen to search for people with 10 years experience on Project Management and Supply Chain Related domain knowledge expert. She passed me her contact and i promised to send my resume over next week. 

Overall, the job fair was quite organized and kudos to the organizing committees. There were some hiccup as they kept asking the visitor to fill up the registration form somewhere else but they don't provide some tables other than the registration booth. I was so annoying with the lady that kept asking us as the visitor to leave the registration booth without a complete forms. So, i posted a direct statement to her and asked her to improve the situation later. Hopefully they improved that the next day. I knew she was not that happy... Oops! I might trash my career away in the career fair... ;-) 

Actually i did not get what i wanted but i did not feel disappointed as my kind of job will not be like so common that you could get it from these kind of job fair. I think the job fair is more benefit for those RCG and 4-5 years experience. Anyway, hopefully these group of people will get their job that they wanted... :->

We had dinner after visited the job fair and headed for 27 dresses.


khengsiong said...

Over-specialized can be bad, huh? Me too having similar problem, which is why I went to study MBA.

narrowband said...

I have friends who were at the fair too. Was it really meant for mostly those with 4-5 years experience? I would have gone to check out the place too if I wasn't doing anything at home. Like you, just to check out the job market, you know ;)

TZ said...

Khengsiong: I'm too specialized in Manufacturing domain. I'm pursuing the CSCP to broader my knowledge in Supply Chain. I think it will help me to get a better prospect job.

Narrowband: You bet, i hardly could get the 10 years experience job. Moreover, most of the big, giant company actually requested us to visit their sites and place our resume into their database online. The take away i had was to understand their business by talking with the person there. Are you looking for a new job? What type of job nature are you searching? :->