Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Friend @ TGIF The Curve

I went to The Curve last Friday for my gym... I did 1 hour of cardio and workout my bicep, tricep, shoulder and chest. After the work out, i walked around The Curve for food... wondering around for about 45 mins and finally decided to drop by my favorite restaurant TGI Friday. 

I went in and sat by the bar as what i usually do whenever i was alone. It was about 2pm on Friday afternoon. The place was not crowded, there were two tables celebrating birthday on that day... I ordered my usual favorite drinks Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea and a set meal (Fried Calamari, Fish and Chips, Friday's ice cream) Yummy!

Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea
Fried Calamari
Fish & Chip

I was sitting there watching the 4 TVs while the bartender was preparing my drink. The bar was not as busy as Friday night. That's where i usually started conversation with the bartender. I met a new friend, his name called Benjie.

Benjie is from Phillippine and he has been working in bartending for 3 years. He used to work in Laundry Bar but recently he just transfered to TGI Friday. He is very friendly and easy to talk too. BTW, according to him, he participated couple of competition in bartending... He managed to do some juggling on the bottle and shaker for me to capture in the video... :-> Unfortunately i only have my camera with me, sorry for the resolution eh!

Benjie - the bartender @ TGIF - The Curve

Later, i ordered another drink named Electric Lemonade. We talked about which country is nice to stay and work... After talking for roughly about 2 hrs+ ... it was time for me to head home to beat the jam... :->

Electric Lemonade


Iml said...

The weather is sooo... hot today, the long island ice tea is just so tempting!!

TZ said...

iml: i love TGIF's long island ice tea... :->