Monday, April 14, 2008

My Last PT Session

Today will be my last Personal Training (PT) session after 6 months+... I don't know whether i should continue to sign up another 30 sessions. I better think of a new goal before i continue. Set a tougher and challenging goal for myself and my future Personal Trainer... :-p

The 30 sessions will take another 4-5 months. I'm still don't know whether i would be working in KL or leave Malaysia for another country. The sessions could not be transfered even i would like to give it to someone... :-( I would be able to use for 1-2 months maybe 3 months before i got my next job. So should i signed up for another 30 sessions? I'm still wanna to beef myself up further so that i could have a nice bi-cep and tricep of course also chest and back :->

Anyway, let me finish my last session this evening @ FF-Summit. 


doc said...

i've always wondered why people pay loads of money to exercise, when they do it for free at the park, with free air thrown in??

TZ said...

Doc: Sometime you need some motivation and determination to have consistent exercise... :-> For me i'm not an outdoor person... I preferred gym. :->