Saturday, April 5, 2008

13:30-18:00 --> 4.5hours

I must be out of my mind today...

After having lunch with my aunts and uncles, I headed to Fitness First IOI Mall as i have a PT session there @ 3 O'clock. I should have bought along my MacBook so that i could pop over to Starbucks and chill out there rather than hitting the gym so early. 

As I arrived @ IOI Mall 1.5 hrs early and no much thing can be done in the mall. So, I decided to attend Isaiah's BodyPump class. The new release of BodyPump is tough especially Squart, Chest, Lunges and Bi-cep Track... Imagine no rest in between for chest track... and lots of combination and bottom half for bi-cep. No mentioning the Squart ended with 12 bottom half. If you are BodyPump regular, you will understand how suffer is the bottom half :-p I was a little struggling on the class but sweat like a pig and wet the floor... LoL :-p

After the class, i straightaway hit the treadmill and get myself warm-up for my PT session. The PT session was quite okay today since Isaiah knew that i have attended the BodyPump earlier. We have changed the initial plan to next Wednesday i.e. 1 Rep Max exercise program to a functional workout targeting my whole body muscle at the same time focus on my core/smaller muscle which did not cover in bodypump. What was done in the PT session?

3 sets of Rotate Lunges 8 reps each - 15KG, 20KG and 25KG
3 sets of Chest Bench Press 8 reps each - 20KG, 25KG and 30KG
3 sets of Obliques rotate with barbell - 10KG, 15KG and 30KG
3 sets of Bi-cep curls 8 reps each (I forgot to check the weight)
3 sets of Tri-cep 8 reps each (Forgot to check the weight)
Abs with weight, bridge on the fitball

My energy was running low after the PT session. We ended the session with a light stretch. i went into the locker room to get my Nitrotech (Protein drink) that i brought for after workout. Felt better after drinking the protein drink. I prepared myself to attend my last class of the day i.e. RPM. Isaiah was teaching the RPM class and guess what? There were only three of us including Isaiah the instructor. It was not a motivated session today as the crowd was not there. Don't tell Isaiah, I nearly felt asleep when we hit track 4 i.e. recover track. This was not due to Isaiah class was boring, it's because my energy level was low. Fortunately i did not fell off the bicycle, otherwise... LoL. 

Now, after the 4.5 hrs of workout in the gym today, my body felt tired and some part of my body actually felt some soreness... moreover, i drank so much water and 100+ (isotonic drink) Hopefully, i would not get muscle pain on Monday (usually i will only feel the pain after one day... ).

It was a nice workout and i achieved working out in the gym for 4.5 hours in total :-p I still figure out whether i should hit the gym tomorrow (Sunday) or just stay @ home and relax myself since i have done enough for today :-p


keeyit said...

Hahaha.. feel good right no need to work ar? I started my work already.. yeah trying to adopt to the environment lol

TZ said...

keeyit: I rather have work and keep myself busy... life without work is not enjoyable especially all my friends are working... It takes time to adapt to the new environment, give yourself some time. I'm adapting my new environment too... life without a job :-p LoL

Raymond said...

OMG u r so healthy!!! 5 hours in a gym and u r still considering going again the next day??!! Respect respect ;) for me, 1 hour i already feel like dying already and i've already packed up and be sitting at starbucks in no time flat hahaha...see thats my exercise: running to starbucks kekeke

TZ said...

Raymond: Once you get exercise be part of your life... it will be easier for you to sustain your exercise regularly :-> Now, if i missed my workout i don't feel good LoL... Starbucks also my favor place to hang out... which starbucks usually you go?