Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Farewell Party @ Borneo Rainforest

Last Friday was the farewell party @ Borneo Rainforest. Waqar, my colleague has offered me to pull over night in his place. Thanks Waqar for hosting me.

We arrived Borneo Rainforest Cafe at about 7pm. Started with the food (oops! i forgot to take the picture of the food again :-( Anyway, the food was so so, what i enjoyed most was the crowd.) I managed to meet lots of old colleagues whom left the company for better opportunities outside... 

After the dinner at about 10pm, we moved over to the bar area... the organizing committee has reserved a nice corner for us to mingled around and dance. We started to drink and dance, slowly more and more people joined the dancing floor. It was an enjoyable and memorable night.

Group Photo
My two chill out friends
Dancing Guy
Beer Anyone
Drop by tz-photo for more picture...


JJzai said...

seems like you dont have a cbox.
So i leave a message in your comment box.
Firstly, i wanna say Congratulation to you!!!!
U won yourself a prize!
But are you still in penang?
btw, the prize that you won is the thing in the question.

Darren said...

Hi, u seem like enjoying lot of fun there.

TZ said...

JJZai: I did not expect to win a prize... just participate for fun... :-p BTW, i have added a cbox in my blog, dropped by and add some message eh!

Darren: You bet... i have so much fun, felt like going back to my university life :-> Just for one nite... LoL

+ z e | i n g © said...

yeah...2008 is time to change, LOL! Anyway, I moved my blog here. U may check it out.