Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 reasons to watch Terminator Salvation

I was given a chance to the preview screening of Terminator Salvation on May 26th 2009 @ TGV KLCC. I would give this movie a *Two Thumbs Up* for 
1. The amazing graphic
2. The way the movie filmed
2. A real thrill-ride film
3. The amount of IT related technology being used
4. The excitement of the movie
5. No slow storyline

Anyway, it will be back you go, watch and experience the movie... you might have different feel as me ... :) I would like to recommend as a worth to watch movie for this Summer... 

PS: it's good to watch the other Terminator 1~3 before watching this... Not really related but there's some relation in the movie... :p


[SK] said...

hmmmm, will be one of the movies in my watch list.. maybe after Transformer 2?? hehehe :p

JL said...

Hmmm...this month too many good movie to watch lol.

TZ said...

[SK]: Dude, make sure you go and watch it .... it's worth :)

JL: Dude, i agreed ... so many good movies :p

Queen B said...

is there any scene(s) of naked or half-naked mascular men in the movie? ;P

foongpc said...

Nicer than Star Trek or not?