Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are you hot?

The weather has been extremely hot for the past few days or even past weeks... Anyone craving for a chill and cold dessert/drinks?

Are you craving for a cold coffee to start your hot day... :p

Cold coffee from a chain store

Or something sweet and sour to cool you down after a stressful early morning meeting... 

Some sweet and sour cooling dessert from Kuching... I forgot the name

Or a famous lorong selamat Ice Kacang... will this help you to ease your hot day? 

Lorong Selamat famous ABC

Or a really cold ice lemon tea after walking for so long under the sun... Sweat dripping, this might be able to ease your thirst...

Ice Lemon Tea @ Satok Kuching

Or last but not least... A very healthy Cendol from an Organic Shop in Klang Valley... hehehe... yup! organic Cendol :p Have you taste this before? 

Organic Cendol from An Organic shop @ Sri Petaling

Or just a simple and plain water will be good for you ... 


So folks what's your take? How you chill yourself with a hot day like what we have recently?


Asian Traveler said...

These are good desserts and drinks to quench the thirst especially now that it's summer season.

Would you by any chance interested to exchange links with my travel blog - An Asian Traveler ( Please let me know. Thank you.

[SK] said...

that dessert from Kuching is definitely my choice, looks cooling and refreshing, good enough to quench the thirst and cool me down under the warm weather :)

Danny said...

definitely those ice-based drink... cos once i sweat, i will need at least 15mins to cool dow..;(
ppl always say that i am the mascot for "Sweat Club " ...LOL

~LeuMaS~ said...

i will choose H2O.... the plain cold water will be fine for me :)

foongpc said...

OMG! So tempting! I like all especially the sweet and sour dessert from Kuching! The ABC and organic cendol is mouth watering!

Btw, thanks for "Following" my blog! : )

Twilight Zone said...

I will tear off my clothes and jump into the pool.

Queen B said...

wah! twilight so like incredible hulk! LOL

H20 of course!

b'coz the more u take ice on a hot day...the hotter u'll be~ :)

Medie007 said...

gimme air con room. :P

with a comforter.

maybe a shower first. :P

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

No need cold drink lo, just give me air cond then enough de. :)
My pick would be....sweet and sour dessert from kuching..looks nice.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Hot? Extremely hot? It's been raining raining raining since last Thursday.

::. Anton ::. said...

I want to get hotter..... I need a hot body NOW!


Jason said...

Dessert, dessertsss...!!!!
ARGhhhhhh...........(high pitch!)
I like all of it!

JL said...

If I can choose I take everything. Today eat ice kacang, tomorrow take cendol, but need to exercise more, keke :p

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

get a fridge! wahaha...

Evann said...

Plain 'ol water for me!
All the goodness, minus the calories. What could beat that?

pikey said...

First time hear of organic ABC... looks as tasty to me...

ladyviral said...

This all look too tempting especially with the recent heat craze! Gosh! Makes me wanna just go get one now! lol. Yummy! *drools*

Jonzz said...

I think the Kuching ice is nicknamed Mountbatten but I could be wrong.

TZ said...

Asia Traveler: Will let you know if i'm interested ... :)

[SK]: yup... it's very nice and cooling :p

Danny: kakaka.... mascot for "Sweat Club" LoLz :p

~LeuMas~ : wow! Dude, all those fancy and cool stuff not suit you meh!... you like plain and simple ar :p

Foongpc: yum yum... Let's go for Organic Cendol... it's in KL :p

Twilight Zone: Dude, i have a swimming pool @ my condo here ... i wanna to take the clip of Twilight Dude tearing his cloth and jump into the pool... I'll post an entry about Hottie Twilight's jump. LoLZ :p

Queen B: H2O is good for you ... nice nice :)

Medie007: Dude, you wanna a air con + a comforter.... errrr sleep naked under the comforter... :p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E : hahaha... aircon will be having good business... :p

Quah, Seng-Sun: wow! Penang has been raining... I'm going to Penang tomorrow ... hopefully it rained :p

::. Anton ::. : Dude, come join me to the gym... u will get hotter... :)

Jason: hahaha... i like them too :)

JL: hehehe.... one month later cursing yourself why eat so much sweet ... fat fat fat fat blek!

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS : Now i know where is Koala must of the time... in the fridge . Blek!

Evann: hehehe.... the Organic Cendol is nice too... Lowest calories

Pikey: I know the place ... we can go one day:)

Jonzz: I forgot the name... but i think u could be right since you ordered it :)

Bengbeng said...

my choice is the Lorong Selamat abc..definitely.

it has been so hot recently.

Cedric Ang said...

Oh my .. i will go skinny dipping .. but .. where ?

TZ said...

Bengbeng: hahaha... lorong selamat ABC... good choice :)

Cedric Ang: oh ... u wanna to go skinny dipping... emmmm.... maybe should ask Twilight... :p

Funkye said...

tat thingn frm kuching is call methahorn(i duno the spelling..js the pronunciation.