Monday, May 25, 2009

Black Monday for TZ

Today is Monday where everyone was having Monday blues in the office ... my Monday is black... yup! dark in color... so many things happen to me... *sobsob*

Yellow Man Heart Attack
I woke up with realizing my yellowman has encountered a Heart Attack... The yellowman no longer following me... I could not text, call, even checking my balance. I was trying to call the Hospital for help but there's just prevented me to make a call... ish.... it was so so soooooo sooooo not happy without my basic communication tools. I decided to drop by the Digi Specialized Center and seeked for help

Me: Hi Good Morning...
D-Staff: Good morning sir, what can i help you?

Me: I have a problem calling the DigiHelpLine, checking my balance, text my friend (important text you know)...

D-Staff: Sir, are you using Prepaid or Postpaid?

Me: Prepaid.

D-Staff: Oh Prepaid... It's Digi problem, no call can be made, no text can be sent, the network down.

Me: When will the line come back agin?

D-Staff: I don't know... Just wait!
Me: errrrr.... Just wait... how rediculious... Anyway, thanks (just walk out from the store)

After walking out from the store i think i should file a complaint on service outage inconvenience ... maybe they will compensate something for me ... blek!

Ps: The service came back only @ 12pm... half of the day gone... :@

Being Bitchy @ HSBC
The HSBC credit card has over transfer the amount of money to my credit card via the standard instruction... now my A/C has no sufficient fund to pay for my loan tomorrow. So i pay a visit to the bank and asked them to reverse the amount back to my A/C for the deduction on my loan... I spent nearly an hour to explain the situation to the personal banker and later the credit card service center.... the services were sucks and damn... i think they need more training~ *two thumbs down*

Anyway, hope that they would transfer the money back to my a/c .... otherwise if they complaint to me on no sufficient fund for my loan tomorrow .... I will not going to talk to any personal banker but I will straight escalate to the directors... Let's cross the finger that they had done what they need to do.

Lesson learned ... just give them the exact amount that u need them to transfer back to the a/c... don't tell them to do this and that ... They were so dumb and not intelligent enough to analyze how much needed to transfer back to my a/c... Is this what The World's Local Bank like? blek~

Car got AH1N1
When i about to drive to Klang for my gym this afternoon... the temperature of the dashboard suddenly raised until 110C ... and there went my aircon... hot air blowing out... I was a bit panic and made a steep turned into Shell petrol kiosk near McDS @ Subang Jaya... Hmmmm what had happened to my car... Got fever? Is my car infected the AH1N1 virus?...

hmmm.... actually my car radiator burst in the middle of Federal highway... water dripping from the radiator until it dry up... then the engine got heated... temperature went up into 100s... I stopped by and filled up the water, quickly drove over to my mechanic @ downtown... It was so adventurous, risk taking under the hot hot hot weather... i was sweating like i was in the sauna... fortunately i still could blog about this now... Everything has solved and i'm safe... :)

Starbie go local
Ermmmm it's today a bad day for me? While waiting for my mechanic to fix my car, I went over to Starbie @ Jusco Maluri. Starbie is a place that u could go global as you were able to connect to the whole world... but today the Starbie that i went was going local... The Barista didn't tell me that the connection was not working... is this Malaysian culture?... you don't ask you would know.... VERY BAD CULTURE, i strongly suggested we should dump this to the trash, I meant the not informed culture... :p I was not happy after i bought my drink and realized that the connection was not working ... I made a huge complaint to the branch manager... but the manager just done nothing... again another Malaysian culture? didn't get any compensate of anything ... CB! (virus from Grandma Twilight as i din have my mask on like KeenYee... blek!)

Anyway, I wish it's stopped here and hopefully the rest of my days in this week will not be as like today... what an interesting but inconvenience day... And i considered today is a black Monday for me :p


Jonzz said...

Haiyo, so cham ar... what a sucky day...

Well, everyone has those days, cheer up!

[SK] said...

well, it's almost over.. it's a fresh new happy tuesday tomorrow after you wake up.. :)

Medie007 said...

it's already tuesday! :P

hopefully digi yellowman will be as fit as a fiddle from now on. hopefully the HSBS banker know what u want. and happyy tat ur car is free from AH1N1. hehehehe

JL said...

It'll be a better day after this :D

Queen B said...

too much complaints in one post! ;P

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Wow, all happened on the same day? No worries dude, it's Tuesday now..a brand new good day for you.

ahlost said...

My DiGi also couldn't sent out any sms that day.. But calls can be made.. Only some were like that.. and we were the few lucky ones :D