Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great Place to Work (GPTW)

Are you working at the Great Place To Work listed company?

There is an organization called Great Place To Work Institute will have the survey yearly to see which company gotten the GPTW of the year... meaning number one in the world for Great Place to Work. 

Anyone wanna guess which company gotten the #1 Great Place To Work company in year 2011? Of cause not the 1Malaysia store Blek~ Anyway, not sure who will be the #1 Great Place To Work company for year 2012... you wanna make a guess?


Twilight Man said...

2011 was Microsoft and 2012 will be BN.Govt at Putrajaya.

[SK] said...

definitely not working in any one of thoese GPTW leh~~ :(

[SK] said...

BTW, i really hate the word verification, makes the commenting so difficult~~

TZ said...

Twilight Man: So are you applying to work in the BN Govt soon?

[SK]: hehehe... my current company was not listed. sigh~ BTW, i have took away the verification. So come and comment on my blog eh~