Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Sex Show (SX18)

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Otherwise, please proceed...

My friend and I went for a short trip to Langkawi and managed to visit the Kilim GeoPark Langkawi. We gotten the chance to go into swampy area which lived by lots of different communities. Our boat took a pit stop @ one of the monkeys communities led by the king of monkeys, SunWuKong 孙悟空

SunWuKong 孙悟空
Ya right? as if we really met SunWuKong 孙悟空.  LOL...

Anyway, our tour guide has explained all about the monkeys and its communities

  1. how the monkeys survive in the swampy area 
  2. what is their food source 
  3. ... blah blah blah...

Last but not least, he touched about the sexual topic on how sexually active are those monkeys and how the male search for sex from the female, how long the sex would last and so on.

Few minutes after his explanation... the monkey started to provide us a free live show. Hey, is that our luck to have the free show?

Monkeys are having sex
zoom in version

Anyone of you view this scene before?


Twilight Man said...

One monkey behind and yourself are the 2 audiences!

Paul Figaro J said...

aiyoh.... penang botanical garden also can see lah

[SK] said...

hahaha, sure you were very excited seeing the monkeys making love huh?? :D

foongpc said...

SO many monkeys? OK, I can't resist clicking that link for under 18 LOL!

Small Kucing said...

LOL.....i remember you have posted something similar 2-3 years back...that one was on balls

peter said...

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