Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prometheus @ TGV Club Sunway Pyramid

Last Saturday night or should i say last Sunday... why? Cause the movie starts @ 12:30am.

Last Sunday early morning, I was watching the Prometheus with my friends @ TGV Club Sunway Pyramid. The movie ticket is RM25 per pax. Yup! it's expensive so i always have a thought that it's overrated and not value for money.

Anyway, the different between the TGV Club and the normal TGV cinema is 
  1. No need to line up for tickets. 
  2. No need to standing around the entrance waiting for the number to be light up. 
  3. No need to line up for food and drinks. Just order and the food/drink will be served.
  4. More room for leg and the seat is more comfortable. 
  5. The price of cause is more expensive, it's double the normal TGV cinema.
  6. No kiddos shouting "mama this, papa that"... I wondered how much is the ticket for kiddo.
When we arrived, the cinema was not ready... We were waiting at the designated lounge. It's so quiet. No wonder my friend told me after i tried it first time, i will like the TGV Club... It's true i love it already... 

TGV Club lounge
Okay enough of TGV Club... back to the Prometheus... I don't really enjoy the movie as i don't really like those movie with disgusting and darker scenes like the previous movie Aliens#1,2,3... so on. So the Prometheus is about the same scene as Aliens. I don't want to be a spoiler, i know a lot of you might not have watched this movie...

I got mixed comments on this movie from friends before and after i watched, so not sure whether it's recommended or not. Anyhow, this is just not my cup of tea... the only thing i enjoyed is the graphic... not to mention the nice TGV Club environment :p


JokerPJ said...

so where did you all watch the movie? same cinema as the other people or the club's own cinema so to speak?

TZ said...

JokerPJ: The club's own cinema... different setting.

[SK] said...

i also don't need to queue for tickets and also the popcorns, because i got the HLB-GSC card, haha!! hmmm, i also think the movie is so-so only, i slept for like 20 minutes from the beginning.. :D

Twilight Man said...

That one is for rich Princes like you! I won't watch it since SK Thambee slept for 20 mins! Gross!

TZ said...

[SK] : hmmm... you also slept for 20 mins.

Twilight Man : Since you don't like gross movie... you can just give it a pass.