Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh my English

There was this short clip regarding how to speak proper English in TVIQ. Let's learn proper English...

Please do not CHOP the letter eh~

Can i borrow you to wash my car?

When people ask you follow the car... don't follow eh~

hahaha... i think better use Switch On your laptop if not the person turn on instead...:p

We need to be very careful when talking to the people from other countries especially we are working in the globalization environment now... so if you say please chop the letter for me... later people though you are going to have pork chop, chicken chop or lamb chop... LoL.


Small Kucing said...

My son also nuts about this show. Am guilty of "on the laptop" I always use the word "on" instead of turn on

TZ said...

small kucing: So now your son know the correct English eh~... that's good :p

Xjion89 said...

Hahaha, quite funny^^ Good to learn English this way, it is fun^^

reanaclaire said...

My colleagues are always talking about this show.. but I have yet to watch till now.. your 3 clips here.. :)

TZ said...

Xjion89: hahaha... i still remember when i was a kids there is a sitcom called "Mind Your Language" don't think you heard about it.

reanaclaire: I believe you watch the "Mind Your Language" before eh~... This program is roughly about the same as mind your language :p