Monday, June 4, 2012

London the Summer Musical @ Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon

Most of you must have heard about the London the Summer Musical is in town. The Gala Premier was on June 1st 2012. I bet some of the bloggers have already went for the event before me and blog about this .

I was lucky to have two free ticket on yesterday night (June 3rd 2012 - Sunday) at the RED zone. So i don't have any idea where is RED zone even though i went to the Magical Musical last year. 

London The Summer Musical Tickets
Me: *pointing at the cross @ box on RED* Not sure where is the RED zone...
Mom: I have no idea too.
Me: Anyway, let's see.

When we arrived in the event venue, i showed the two tickets to the registration counter and they help us to wear a strap on our wrist, directed us to the Lighthouse cafe for some light refreshment.

Lighthouse Cafe
After the light refreshment and cool aircon, we proceed over to the train station and wait for the train to bring us over to the Amphitheater. we found a seat (guess what? i found out that RED zone costs RM100 per pax) and patiently waiting the show to get started in a super hot environment...

London The Summer Musical Stage
Since it's prohibited for people to take video and picture during the show, i only managed to take the empty stage with the few nice lighting... I saw some of the people taking the video clip with their camera and got warned by the staff to switch them off... shame on them who NOT following the rules.

Empty Stage
Anyway, it was a nice show (refer to the preview clip from visionKL)... compares to the Magical Musical last year. The Magical Musical was better story line than this one. Anyway, both have their own different style of entertaining the audiences.

ps: thanks Bahija for giving the two free tickets :)


[SK] said...

heard about this in the social media but not really heard before like those classic musical play.. free tickets, don't care where you are seated lah right?? haha..

TZ said...

[sk]: not really but the nearer the better...

reanaclaire said...

Thought u went to London to watch this.. :)
By the way, TZ, here is a simple direction to where the laksa is located...

tz: er.. very easy actually.. if u r coming from KL, turn right to gunong rapat main road.. about 500 meters, you will see a school at the right, turn right and go straight in till you find this canvas looking stall.. :)

TZ said...

Reanaclaire: Thanks for the direction :) I'm going to try out this one of the weekend.