Tuesday, June 19, 2012

bubble butt

There was one night as i was whatapps-ing with one of my lady friend. We were discussing on gym thingy. She has signed up 50 sessions with one of the PT in her gym. At that time, i was just planning to sign up my first 30 sessions. I was asking her opinion which part should i plan to improve with my  PT the moment i signed up the sessions. So, i told her my improvement plan
  1. Get rid of the fat surrounding the waist
  2. Tone up the whole body
  3. Get a six packs abs
  4. Get a nice cut arms
  5. Get a firm and bubble butt
Guess what? my friend told me i don't need to work on item #5... she said my butt is nice already... luckily it's not a face to face conversation, otherwise i will definitely *blush blush* 

Anyway, i didn't know my butt attracts attention too... 


Twilight Man said...

Beware she might pinch and spank your butt in the dark!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: She's not as danger as some other people in the gym >.0

C'est la vie said...

ya, your arse looks quite good. LOL

JokerPJ said...

butts good, I mean thats good... =P

be sure to "maintain" that standard~ lolllz