Thursday, June 28, 2012

RPM with Izwan

My PT has restricted me to have only one cardio exercise per week. So i choose my RPM on every Thursday. Today, my ex-colleagues cemek has decided to join me on RPM.

Izwan was our instructor for RPM @ Fitness First Manulife. I registered for his class when the RPM registration just opened. Therefore, i gotten my regular bicycle which is facing Izwan. In short, he could see me and i could see him clearly especially adjusting the resistant.

Class started around 7:05pm... he announced that this was the last week to play the new release i.e. RPM 55. I wasn't sure others RPMer whether they have fed up with the track... But for me this is new as i was not able to attend any RPM class last week. 

Among the track... my favorite is track 2 with this song

I became center of attention as today i cycled energetic and fast... So, Izwan kept challenging me to put on more load aka increase the resistance... now i feel the soreness on my leg. 

But anyhow, it's a nice class with the humorous instructor.


Twilight Man said...

So you are the greatest !!

TZ said...

twilight man: please bound...