Saturday, June 2, 2012

Starbucks @ Paradigm Mall

After dinner with my aunty and uncles, my mom will go to the popular bookstore with my aunty, uncle and cousin and i will just buy a drink and sit @ Starbie. Instead of putting up myself in Ikano, tonight it's a bit different as i'm @ Paradigm Mall now. The latest mall in Kelana Jaya area. It was a very small mall pack with some many people. I think Malaysian or KL people just like malls... Whenever there is a mall opening... the crowd will be there.

Starbie @ Paradigm Mall
The Starbie over in Paradigm was the worst Starbie that i been to... so damn noisy, I could hardly hear the music and all i could heard is those noises from the mall. why? Because the Starbie over Paradigm Mall is an open concept and the sound absorber for the mall is very very bad. As a result it magnifying children's screams, people talks... etc.
Open concept Starbie
It definitely was not a prefer choice for a quiet Saturday... in fact this was a bad idea to do it as the open concept in such a mall...  

One big disadvantages of the open concept is there are cheapo people just sit down without buying any drinks from the counter and consume the bandwidth until those people like me paying do not get the expected bandwidth... Sigh~ 

the cheapo person
Can't the starbie stuff do something?


reanaclaire said...

Sometimes I cannot even get a place in starbucks.. some like you said, sitting there while waiting for their friends/family to finish shopping.. :)

Small Kucing said...

Guess they atr having some teething problem

[SK] said...

recently there are so many new shopping malls sprouting in PJ yet i have not been to any, haha~~

TZ said...

Reanaclaire: If i have no seat and i spotted those cheapo people, i will ask the staff to release the seat for me.

small kucing: could not get you... teething problem?

[SK]: not much difference but i think they are gonna open another FF in Paradigm mall :p