Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another 4 hours ... I'm leaving Phuket

Another 4 hours more to go and i will say goodbye to Phuket / Phi Phi... It was a great week holiday with Darrenzeger @ Thailand... We went to couples of nice places, tried different foods, different type of massage and met couple of nice people along the way especially our two newly meet friends (Ian and Richard) from UK. Also people from Sweden, Isreal, Argentina, China ... etc. :-) This is what i called a free and easy trip. This trip is costing more than the package tour but it is fun man... meeting people from around the world and they travel the whole Thailand. I wanna to plan and do it maybe next year. Boss can i take 1 month leave for Thailand trip next year?

The whole trip was smooth and enjoyable, there were no hiccup / challenges... the infrastructure that provided to the tourist is so good. Kudos to the Thai government on its tourism. The only hiccup that we had is Darrenzeger having a stomach discomfort since yesterday morning during our way back from Phi Phi... poor Darrenzeger... hope you get well soon.... i hope you have enjoyed your holiday.

Gotta go rite now. Will continue update my Day 3,4,5 ...etc. No mood to write now, it was so hot now and i'm sweating like a crazy man. Anyway, i had an enjoyable week and looking forward to start working tomorrow (am i telling the truth? I don't think so... hehehe.... If possible, i wanna to stay for another few days in Patong and explore on the surrounding island. )


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ok I look forward to ur up cumming post! So got many ang moh also arr!U watch any 'show' or not? Can post up pic?? Never being to thailand also! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

eh, wait for your fun photos ler...:-)

TZ said...

Hor ny ang Moh: I do go for bar hopping and watch a drag show... show was okay but unfortunately they do not allow us to take picture.

Dalantau: sorry for keep you waiting... I have a busy day today and will try to upload this coming weekend.

Jian said...

Seriously, can't wait to see those "hotter" pictures.. :)