Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good Morning Penang!

I like to stay in downtown Penang and don't mind to travel to Kulim for business. That's the reason why i drove to Penang instead of fly. Although fly is nice but i don't have the flexibility to go around Penang.

Last Monday when i go over to Kulim, i took a couple of picture from the ferry. I usually use ferry to commute over to the mainland and continue the journey to Kulim. The total journey from downtown Penang to Kulim is about 1 hour including the ferry.

Ferry Terminal @ Georgetown
Port Weld
Goergetown - Tallest building in Penang

After a few days of downpour, finally mother nature has granted us a nice beautify sunny weather this weekend.

container ship
Penang Bridge - one of the longest bridge in Asia (Use to)

It's Saturday morning again, my parent is with me this weekend and later we are going to visit another aunty in Penang. My aunty is going to prepare yummy lunch for us :-)

Sunny Saturday morning from my room @ Northam


doc said...

all very nice, but where are the pictures of food??

Jian said...

nice sweet view from ur room, sunset or sunrise view? :)

zu said...

gosh... beautiful.