Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 4 : Snorkeling trip @ Phi Phi + Surrounding

The day before: There were lots of snorkeling package for us to choose on... I was not sure which one to choose from. After understand from Ian whom had been Phi Phi at least 4 times, it would be much more better to sign up with a bigger cruise instead of the Thai famous speed boat : longtail boat. So Darrenzeger and I decided to sign up with the Blue Skies Sea Canoe package which the boat they are using is those nice and bigger cruise type of boat. We signed up the package at about 550 baht / person and forgot to check out the weather. The package that we signed up includes Phi Phi Ley (Viking Cave, Maya Beach, Loh Samad Bay), Rantee Bay, Bamboo Island / Monkey island, Monkey Bay.

Darrenzeger and I woke up at about 7:30am and got ready for our breakfast. The hotel that we stayed provided nice and cool breakfast. It was the buffet breakfast. I did not eat too much as i just could take too much when i knew that i was going to board on a boat to go out for snorkeling (i have a high chances that i would have sea sick). Anyway, we waited for the tour @ the Phi Phi Pier. Managed to see those people leaving for Phuket and Krabi. Our cruise boat would only be able to approach the pier after the two giant passenger boat left the pier for its destination.

While waiting for the boat to be boarded. I took some video clip on the fishes near the pier.

At about 9:15am, we finally left Phi Phi island for Phi Phi Ley

Leaving Phi Phi Don Village

We started our journey with a clear and nice weather but when we reached our Viking Cave (first destination) the weather has changed to a cloudy and rainy.

Viking Cave - Bird Nest and Pre-historical painting

After passed by Viking Cave, we came to our first stop Loh Samad Bay / Maya Beach. This bay is where the hollywood filmed "The Beach". Do you still remember this movie? Leonardo Dicaprio sound familiar to you?

Loh Samad Bay @ Phi Phi Ley

Cave to Maya Beach ("The Beach")

Picture taken after came back from Maya Beach... Adventurous journey

Unfortunately, we were swimming over to the cave and walk over to Maya. So we could not bring along our camera with us. So no picture taking on Maya Beach. After visiting the Phi Phi Ley, our next stop was a bay on the other side of Phi Phi Don Village i.e. Rantee Bay follow by an island located north of Phi Phi Don i.e. Bamboo Island. Finally our last stop, Monkey Bay near Phi Phi Don (on the way back to Phi Phi Don village).

Rantee Bay - Lunch on the boat

Bamboo Island - nice seashell / dead coral
Monkey Bay - Last stop before hitting back to Phi Phi Don

A long and tired day after the snorkeling. It was a nice snorkeling trip and able to see lots of different fishes and nice live coral too. :->

Stay tune for Day 5 @ Phi Phi...


winniethepooh said...

its always fun to go snorkelling and see beautiful corals and fishes..did u get to feed the fishes with bread?

I think some beaches in thailand and malaysia become 'famous' after those film makers made some movie there? Im not sure if this is right but Maya beach become famous after the movie "the beach" was shot there? and Redang in malaysia too after the chinse film was made..Redang is beautiful too tz, if u hv the chance, do go there too for snorkelling okie :)

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: I went to Redang two years before... the coral is dying. I still think that Phi Phi in Thailand and Sipadan in Malaysia is similar on the water and coral quality. :-p But of cause Thailand is much more cheaper :-)