Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fire Show @ Hippie Bar Phi Phi Island

Ian, Richard, Musa and I have our dinner @ Ton Sai Restaurant on the last night we were in Phi Phi island. We had nice seafood for dinner. I saw a nice lamp pole and took this picture ... what do you think?

After the dinner, we decided to hop over to the famous hippie bar for its fire show. On the way to the hippie bar, i captured this picture and video clip on Phi Phi town.

We reached Hippie Bar quite early as the fireshow haven't started yet. So there was this guy singing in the stage. He's a great singer too.

At about 11pm, the fireshow started and it was an awesome show. I would rate this as not to miss if you pull overnight in Phi Phi island. Two Thumbs up!

I enjoyed the fireshow and the Hippie Bar environment which i never been to a nice bar by the beach (so close to the sea side which the water is very near where we sit initially). Do visit the Hippie Bar @ Phi Phi Island. A must to go for its fireshow, you will not regret.

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