Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday morning service @ TBIC

I have been talking about paying a visit to The Bridge Internation Church (TBIC) on Sunday. But for the past few months, i have been tight up with either business trip or my certification class which happened on almost every Sunday. Finally, i gotta the chance to attend the Sunday service today.

Woke up @ about 0900 this morning, took a quick shower and headed to TBIC. The TBIC is located @ Jalan Ampang. It only took 15mins from my condo ;-) Reached TBIC @ about 1000, just in time. Saw Darrenzeger @ the entrance and he was happy to see me there.

Met Pastor Todd before the service started. The service started at about 10 something with Dalantau lead the singing. The group sang very well... Well done Dalantau & Darrenzeger. The songs that you have selected were so lively and meaningful. :-> After the singing... Pastor Todd proceed with news update, followed by some explanation on some character in the bible. It was interesting and guess what? I learnt something new on Christianity.

After the services, i joined the group and have lunch at Chicken Rice Shop, Great Eastern Mall. We chat while having lunch... met lots of people today... i'm very bad of remember names... so sorry if i missed your name :-p

Darrenzeger, thanks for inviting me to your church... it was a nice experience knowing the members of the church. Will try to attend once i come back from my business trip... :-)


Anonymous said...

wah, cepatlah you updating on your visit to tbic!

Thanks for visiting us today. Hope you have enjoyed yourself. We indeed are quite the crazy people as you experienced today. Always kacau2 one another.

See you next time.

TZ said...

Dalantau: Thanks for the hosting me @ TBIC. I enjoyed myself and time flies when we are having fun :-p See you when i come back from my biz trip.