Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 5: Relaxing day @ Phi Phi Island

Woke up late on the last day in Phi Phi Island, Darrenzeger and I were so tired after a long day of snorkerling the day before... It was fun but extremely tired. I was so enjoying snorkeling and swimming. Never been swimming for couples of months but i was not bad as i could still swim to the shore and back to the boat :->

Ton Sai Bay

After breakfast, we went to download all the picture taken the day before to my IPod, then we headed to a small store for our lunch before heading to Long Beach. After the meal the sky suddenly turned into grey and seems like it was going to rain. We had made up our mind to continue to walk over the Long Beach direction. When we approached the junction... the rain has started, we ended up in a bar near the junction.

Raining @ Phi Phi - Overlooking Ton Sai Bay

Darrenzeger and I were enjoying Thai Shrimp Salad

When the rain stopped, we decided to just go back to the hotel to enjoy beer @ the pool side and did some swimming. The hotel has a big and nice pool...

Phi Phi town after rain

Phi Phi Cabana hotel Pool Side

Phi Phi Cabana Hotel Pool

This hotel has rebuilt and it's very new. This is because the Tsunami has destroy almost the whole building. As you could see the ruin that left over even after the reconstruction of the hotel. If you go down to the beach area you will see the Tsunami warning sign.

Trace of Tsunami even after hotel rebuilt - so sad

Warning sign in the tsunami hazard zone (both Phi Phi and Phuket)

At about 5pm, Ian, Richard (our two newly met friends this trip), Darrenzeger and I decided to walk up to the view point to catch the sunset. This was the 2nd time for Darrenzeger and I as went up to the view point the first day we arrived. It was a nice sunset. Ian and I took lots of pictures of the sunset and all of us enjoyed so much of the sunset @ Phi Phi...

Ariel View of Phi Phi Don Village

Me, Richard, Ian, Musa (Darrenzeger)

Enjoying sunset - Hello Richard

Stay tune for Hanging out @ Hippie Bar + Fire show.


Jian said...

nice~!! just just.. the rain a bit screwing things up one ei? u a lobster now? hehe..

TZ said...

Jian: me half cook lobster... i could not get too tan due to cloudy weather :-) The rain actually cool the temperature down. Overall, i enjoyed the trip.