Friday, October 5, 2007

Day 1 - Patong Beach

Arrived @ Phuket about 16:15 local time... Phuket is one hour behind KL so hurray we gained one hour from coming to Phuket.

Checked in the hotel @ downtown Patong ... happening place @ phuket. Straightaway go out for a walk by the beach and looking at the sunset @ Patong Beach. It was so calm and nice. Had a nice Thai Eurasian Dinner near by the beach and headed for thai Old and Herbs massage... Relaxing after a whole day waiting for flight to Phuket.

After the massage, we did some bar hopping and call it a day.


Chen said...

so syiok..
i wanna go for vacation too ;)

TZ said...

Chen: Stay tune eh! More to come... I'm tired to write the Day 2- Trip to Phang Nga Bay - James Bond Island :->

winniethepooh said...

wahh u surely cannot leave ur blog huh :P first day onli ure back to blogging? hehehe

oh james bond islands..did u see monkeys? :P

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: yup, i saw monkey hehehe but not in Jamesbond island, they were @ the Monkey temple, on the way to pier.

Need to download the picture to the IPod and free up my memory card.

BTW, I'm now back to Patong and tonight is the last night of my holiday... will be heading back to KL tomorrow evening :-)