Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 2 - Phang Nga Bay -- James Bond Island

Left Phuket for Phang Nga after breakfast. Darrenzeger and I were ready and waited for our guide to pick us up from the guest house at about 10 something.

Other than both Darrenzeger and I, we also met three guys from Agentina, a couple from China and two guys (Ian and Richard) from UK. I don't know the other guy where is he from... We started to make some new friends by face not by name along the way... it was fun to have some free and easy trip like this.

Does this picture look familiar to you? Are you a fan of 007 James Bond Movie? Ring the bell? We arrived at the pier at about noon. Straightaway we hopped into the boat and headed the James Bond Island with the long tail boat (Thai version of Speed Boat - terrrific engine) Show you some photo later eh!

We went Canoing by the bay after the James bond island ... not exactly we canoed but there is a person siting at the back that he was doing the canoe and we were busying taking nice shots. Some picture were very nice ... but need some processing on lighting. Guess what? Darrenzeger wanna to try on canoe so he grabbed the paddle from the guy and start paddling... fun eh! Darrenzeger.

After visited all the nice spot... finally we had lunch @ about 4pm ... or should i said tea time. I was so hungry but it was a definite a fun day for me :-p
Stay tune for day 3 - Transfer to Phi Phi eh!

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