Thursday, December 27, 2007

KL-Putrajaya Highway

The KL-Putrajaya Highway unofficially opened on two Friday ago i.e. Dec 14th 2007. This highway has shorten the travel time from downtown KL to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya. I have been travelled daily on this highway. I have no worry about the jam after i hit the highway i.e. Pandan Roundabout. Unfortunately i still need to bare with the jam from my condo to Pandan Roundabout. The journey took me from the entrance of the KL-Putrajaya Highway @ Pandan Roundabout to Cyberjaya at about 20 mins.

This morning as usual i drove to my office with the same new route i.e. KL-Putrajaya Highway. I managed to captured 4 video clip along the way. The highway is so straight that you will tend to speed up and over the speed limit. So all the KL-Putrajaya Highway users, beware of Speed trap eh!

Here you go the 4 clips:

1. Kuala Lumpur stretch

2. Sri Petaling stretch / Puchong

3. Equine Park / Sri Kembangan

4. Cyberjaya


vanillacOla said...

hi! i haf a question since u use the kl-putrajaya highway everyday, do u know if i can use it to get from bkt jalil to hosp. kl (jln pahang)?

TZ said...

Vanillacola: You may use the putrajaya from Bkt Jalil... but you have to get it to Kesas Highway towards Cheras before the Sri Petaling turn out... there is one ramp up to the Putrajaya Highway towards the KL direction...