Tuesday, December 25, 2007

6 days to Year 2008...

I'm still looking for some friends to hang out on Dec 31st 2007. Will start asking around see anyone interested to countdown in KL.

So, what is your plan?


keeyit said...

new year count down?
I think I will stay at home watch tv lol.. so crowded every where..

winniethepooh said...

merry xmas and hope u had lots of fun in penang! wishing you a wonderful 2008 too!


sbanboy said...

Will be doing the count down at my apartment ... can come join me :) It will be very crowded ...hehe

TZ said...

Keeyit: I might also be staying home instead of getting out to join the countdown @ downtown KL. If i do, I will just check into one of the hotel @ downtown

Winniethepooh: i have lots of nice food... too much i forgot to take the picture and share. Anyway, i have a relaxing Xmas weekend @ my aunt's place.

Sbanboy: Thanks for inviting me to countdown @ your place. Very crowded? R u going to have a party @ your place?