Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What a small world...

As usual I left the office at about 16:30 to hit Fitness First Axis for my pilate class. I have invited Kim, my colleague to attend the Pilate class with me yesterday. Ginny is the pilate instructor and i like to attend her class because she is patient to assist us as the learner to do the right pose. This is important for pilate classes as we need to pose right to avoid injury.

Kim and I hit the gym at about 5:15pm, change and gather @ the juice bar. We were the earliest in the studio. So decided to do some stretching while waiting for Ginny to arrive. A big surprise to Kim when Ginny walked in... guess what? Kim and Ginny were secondary school friends and they did not meet each other for a long time. BTW, Ginny is my university school mate and we were in the same final project back in Canada. Oh! What a small world eh!... So, Kim and Ginny were so excited and they started some conversation before the class.

Ginny has to catch up with another class after her class @ Axis, she left in hurry and Kim decided to stay on for the Yoga. As Yoga is not my cup of tea so i decided to do some weight training instead. We left the gym at about 8pm.

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winniethepooh said...

yup yup, i hv such incidents too where one of my poly mates introduce me to her friend from secondary school, that friend was actually my primary school class mate!! :))