Sunday, December 16, 2007

Teambuilding is coming ...

I will be leaving for department team building this morning @ 7am. The teambuilding will be held @ Bukit Merah lake town resort. And this time the facilitator of the teambuilding is D'Jungle People. I like the D'Jungle People as they are professional and we could learn at the same time have fun.

Gotta go rite now. Need to hit the bed otherwise i will miss the bus this morning. Good nite. Ciao!


Fluffy~ said...

enjoy ur team building! i had mine not too long ago and it rocks!
hope u have fun too! take plenty of pics! ;)

TZ said...

Fluffy: my colleague and i took quite a number of pictures... in progress of sorting the pictures. :->

The team building with D'Jungle people rocks..