Sunday, December 16, 2007

work week 50 summary...

I'm not writing a weekly report... since i have been very busy for the pass few days after the Selangor Sultan's birthday... I think i would just do a summary update for the week in this entry.

Went to California Fitness @ Mid-Valley to redeem my trial pass for the week. I brought along my colleague Kam Weng and we successfully applied a 7 days trial pass. We managed to go in the gym. The environment was nice as the place was so happening on Monday night. People going in and out from the gym.

Drove all the way to Aeon Klang Bukit Tinggi (KBT) to attend my PT's BodyPump class. My PT taught the new release tracks. It was tough but satisfied. After the class, I workout with my PT, we were gym buddy for 1.5 hrs @ KBT FF. It was fun but so tired.

As usual, a normal working Wednesday, nothing much happened with the work. After work @ about 4:30pm, i left office and headed for CF @ Mid-valley. Kam Weng and I managed to get into the Bodypump class @ 7:50pm and Yoong Kee joined us later.

I was part of the management staff F2F meeting for two days (Thursday and Friday). The first half of the meeting was interesting as everyone raised the concern of how to help each group to move forward on site closure. Then the second half of Thursday and the whole day of Friday, we were focusing on discussing and sharing on how to build the next generation leader. We had our dinner @ Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant... a nice environment which we were watching the sky turned redish and the putrajaya lights up. A nice and memorable sunset with the lights up view.

After the F2F, I left office and hit the CF @ Mid-valley again. I dragged my friend Yoong Kee to attend the Bodycombat class @ 2100-1000. This was not a huge class compare to Fitness First (FF). The instructor was going thru the mix of the new release and the old releases. Yoong Kee was feeling tired as this was the 1st time he joined the BodyCombat class. It was a fun class for both of us. After the class, we decided to pump up our chest, so we headed down to the free weight session to bump ourselves up with 10 lbs each side and added another 10 lbs after 2 sets. Left the gym @ about 12am.

It was a lazy Saturday after a intense workout on Friday night. I was a little tire but i don't want to miss my pilate class. So, i quickly took a shower and changed to head to FF @ Maxis. I was a bit early and waited for Ginny, the instructor to come start the class. The class was almost full and Ginny began the class with the basic principle of Pilate. After the first 1 hr class, decided to join the 2nd class i.e. Intermediate to Advance. This class was tough but it was good as the group was smaller which Ginny could put more focus on each individual. Got into Isetan and shop for some grocery after the class and headed home to prepare for my X'mas Party @ Kim's place.

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