Friday, December 21, 2007

Team building @ Bukit Merah - Day 2

We woke up @ about 7:30am. Our room was facing the lake and i got a chance to take a couple of sunrise picture.

Took a shower and headed for the breakfast.

We gathered @ the room for the day 2 activities at about 9am. After the morning briefing and activities explanation. We started with the strategic planning. The activities for that morning is Search & Rescue.

Strategic Planning Session

Searching for Material to build the transporter

Design and Build the transporter

How heavy was the victim? you guess

Reached the station... enjoyed the victory!

After 59 mins of the operation time. Finally we ended our activities with lots of mud and sweat on our cloth. As a result the facilitator gave us some time to wash up and we gathered back @ about 11:30am for debrief.

After the short debrief on the Search & Rescue activity, we proceed with the action plan divided by groups.

Finally, we finished all our discussion and agenda by 2pm. Picture taking, checked out and headed for lunch then it's time to say goodbye...

Picture with D'Jungle People

Are we going to Genting ah? Nup, this bus is going back to Cyberjaya...

This bus is going back to Penang... Don't missed it eh!

Despite of the mother nature was pouring water on the first day and some hiccup on the hotel services... I enjoyed the team building and got closer to the team that i worked with. Mission accomplished for myself as my goal was to meet up those new joined members which merged into our department :->

A memorable last team building with the team and the company... :'(

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