Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dinner @ Seremban with Sbanboy

I managed to chat with Sbanboy via MSN yesterday morning. It has been so long we wanted to meet up for dinner but always ended up with either he was busy or me. So, since i didn't have any meeting in the evening and he was on vacation @ Seremban. I decided to make a trip down to Seremban on the spot.

Left office (Cyberjaya) @ about 16:30 and drove along Salak Tinggi highway and exit the North-South Highway. Rain was so heavy along the way. Reached the destination i.e. Seremban 2 Jusco @ 17:30. Since it was still early, we walked around the shop @ Jusco until 18:30... [Sbanboy entry]

I enjoyed the dinner recommended by Sbanboy. First of all, it was not a tourist spot, no sight of tourist except me... it was located near the residential area, so the customers were from the surrounding communities. It was a Kopitiam (small restaurant) serving noodles and some dessert for years (since Sbanboy was in Form 3 <-- you have to ask Sbanboy, how long? :-p ).

After the dinner, I drove back to KL, the journey took me about 1.5 hrs due to heavy rain along the way. All of the driving hours did pay off with the catching up with my buddy Sbanboy and tasted the good food that recommended and treated by him. A nice short trip to Seremban :->

Sbanboy, thanks for the dinner eh!

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