Thursday, December 20, 2007

Team building @ Bukit Merah - Day 1

I woke up about 6am and quickly get ready, then left my condo @ about 6:30am. Thanks to KL-Putrajaya Highway, i reached Cyberjaya @ 7am. We left KL for Bukit Merah @ about 7:17am from Cyberjaya. The journey took us about 4+ hours (including breakfast @ Rawang R&R). We reached Bukit Merah @ about 11:30am.

The first activity was ice breaking. Each of us get a piece of paper, a double sided tape and a magic pen. The piece of paper was sticked at our back for others to write a statement that describe each of us. Guess what i got in the paper? Mat Salleh; Muscle Guy; Energetic; Friendly; Cute; Handsome; Hairy Leg; Sporty; Are you available?; Big; Metrosexual; Sexy guy; Good boy; Funny

I was surprised to have the description of Mat Salleh :-p Anyway, it was a fun game and we have a good laugh. We had our lunch @ about 2pm. After lunch we checked in and gathered back at the room @ about 3pm and continued our activities.

Unfortunately, Mother nature has poured lots of water in the evening until we need to canceled all the rest of the activities in the evening. Went back to the hotel for wash up and gathered back @ 6:30pm.

I was so pissed off with the hotel services on the towel i.e. they could not provide us the towel but mentioned to us that they would deliver the towel in 15 mins. So i decided to take a shower while my colleague / roomate was waiting for the towel to be delivered. Guess what? 30mins has passed but no sign of towel delivery. I ended up standing in the toilet for 30mins to let my body dry off. It was the worst day of my traveling life... I never encountered such an experience... :-( You could not believe eh! the towel was delivered @ about 11pm. Their 15mins was equivalent to 5+ hours. This was really unacceptable. So I rated Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort -1 which is 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. :-p

We had the briefing of our activities for the day and headed for dinner at about 8pm. It was a BBQ dinner, the food was not very fresh especially the seafood.

Enough for the rumblings, we ended our day at about 12am.

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