Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007...

March 2007
March 8 has marked the history of my internet life. The born of the 5 elements of my life.

First of all I would like to thanks my buddy Darrenzeger (Musa) for encouraging me to kick start this blog during my toughest time. Why i say that it was the toughest time, this is because at that time i was in the mid of recovering from breaking off with my ex-girlfriend. At the same time, the restructure of the organization that i work for has hit me on my working life. The double hits made me dropped into the lowest point of my life. Luckily, I met Darrenzeger (Musa) from the gym whom always supported during these period. He was a good listener and encouraging me to put myself back to what i was before. I got back the spirit that i had before and got myself back up again. Thanks buddy!

April 2007
Planned 9 days vacation @ the land below the winds - Sabah with my cousin. Met a new friend i.e. Siew Te Wong whom is a scientist researching on Sunbear. I just took off even though i had a busy work schedule in regardless my boss was not very happy with me. This is because i could not give away my vacation as i had already planned since January 2007 :-> Sorry boss!

May / June 2007
Business trip month. I flied off to Shanghai for a week followed by Penang/Kulim. What a busy month for me. Due to the travel, I gained weight which i was so upset. But i managed to set up some goals to get back on my gym workout after the travel.

July 2007
After 1 year anniversary of breaking off with my ex-girlfriend. I met a new friend via blogging, we decided to meet up for lunch one day. Hey, don't think that i have a new girlfriend, is a he ... He's Sbanboy. The first blogging friend that i met Face to Face. Besides meeting new blog friends, I met long lost (contact) friend, Demi for dinner before she left for Singapore. Glad that she is going to get marry and looking forward for the invitaiton card. Two months back, I was shocked to hear that things didn't workout for Demi... :-( Demi be strong, you still have a friend whom is me eh! and you will find another person... no worries eh!

August 2007
Kicked start my certification class CPIM from APICS. I also not forgetting to take some splendid photo and video clip of fireworks @ Putrajaya. The month ended with meeting my secondary school mate which most of my school mate has put on weight... Do I?

September 2007
First exam after 10 years... I was a little uncomfortable. Took two days off to focus on the last minutes studies. But i passed my exam... hehehe :-> At the same time, I was planning to take a week off to Phuket / Phi Phi... booking flight, hotel etc. Guess what? the long postponing highway project finally kicked start @ our communities... The Duke highway project has brought lots of noise and dust to the communities.

October / November 2007
Spent 7 days with Darrenzeger @ Phuket / Phi Phi... I was enjoying the snorkeling, beach and massage @ Phuket / Phi Phi. Met two new friends from UK : Ian and Richurd. In additional, i met new friend Mahen whom is working @ Chili's Penang as a bar tender. On the other hand, the company management that i worked for has announced the office closurewith two options for all its employee a choice of taking the compensate package and leave or relocate to Kulim/Penang. I was so down for a week... :-( But eventually, I need to make the decision. It was not an easy decision... anyway, i'm happy now as i had made my decision. Straight after the announcement, we had our last annual dinner as a team... so sad, the first batch of my colleagues left us one day after the annual dinner ... *sniff sniff* But think about it, life has to move on. We had a crazy party @ Soul Out that day they left the company.

December 2007
Last team building with the department. Another sad moment, some of my colleague just hug each other as they might not see each other in the same company. No matter how, friendship still remain :-> My colleague Kim has a small X'mas party before she left for US on business trip. Kim, thanks for inviting me to the party. The opening of KL-Putrajaya highway has shorten the travel time from my condo to Cyberjaya... hurray! please don't ask how much eh! Just enjoy while it's still free :->

Let's say goodbye to 2007... whatever that should leave with 2007 let it be... let's bring our new wishes and plans to 2008. We'll welcome 2008 in 10hours 30 mins.

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