Sunday, December 23, 2007

Meeting Friend @ Chili's, Gurney Place :->

I went shopping with my cousin's boy friends Tony. My cousin dropped us @ Gurney Plaza and went off for her meeting @ downtown Penang. Gurney Plaza is a crowded and most happening place in Penang especially a hot day like yesterday. Everyone was heading for the shopping mall to enjoy the cool air conditional. :-p

Our first stop, Nike @ Gurney. I managed to get a Nike Pro singlet as it marked 20% off of the normal price. There was no such a discount in KL, so I quickly got it and moved on to another shop. We walked about 2 hours+ and ended up I bought 2 items, the Nike Pro Singlet and the fitball. Before headed to the Gurney, i have already bought myself two boxes of Levi's underwear which is on sales and 2 Polo Raulph Laurel Shirt, one for my dad and the other one for myself @ Metrojaya Island Plaza. It was great shopping @ Penang.

Okay, back to Gurney, Tony and I were tired after walking for hours. So, we decided to drop by a place which we could get some cool and nice beer/drinks. The first hit me was Chili's @ Gurney Place. The Chili's which Mahen, my bartender friend is working. Managed to meet Mahen yesterday as he was working. He was surprised and happy to see me visiting him. We greeted and i introduced my cousin's boy friend, Tony to him. We chat a little and continue with our drinks and food... guess what we ordered @ Chili's? We started with 2 cold Tiger beer from the draught and the Buffalo wings. Yummy! (that's went my workout @ the gym, don't tell my PT eh!)... Since the time was still early, we decided to stay on for a while, we continued to order the CHAMBORD® 1800 MARGARITA and CLASSIC NACHO. My cousin joined us later and we ordered more food and drinks to snack on.

CLASSIC NACHOS : Our nachos have beans, queso with a hint of seasoned beef, cheese and jalapenos on every chip. Served with pico de gallo and sour cream.

WINGS OVER BUFFALO® : Delicious chicken drumettes tossed in our spicy Buffalo wing sauce. Served with cool bleu cheese dressing.

CHAMBORD® 1800MARGARITA : Distinctly flavorful. Distinctly yours. 1800 Reposado®, Cointreau and Chambord® raspberry liqueur
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At about 7pm, we headed to the restaurant to join my uncle and aunties for dinner with partially full... full of alcohol and snacks :-p


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Rambler, rambler & rambler! Ur food pic is making my stomach go ramble ring! Have a nice day & happy new year!

TZ said...

Hor ny ang moh: Happy new year to you too... My stomach is ringing too whenever i see the food i posted :-p