Sunday, December 2, 2007

Have a great holiday Matt... see you next year!

My lunch buddy, Matt the angmoh has left KL for US. He will be in US for a month until next year. We went to Wing's Cafe for lunch as requested by Matt. He wanna to say goodbye to his friend (lady) before leaving KL... :-> He was so disappointed when his friend is off shift @ the cafe that afternoon... Matt, don't worry you could meet her next year when you are back from US :-p

Big White Bird welcoming you to Lim Kok Weng University (LKWU)

Wings Satay... how different with the regular satay. Got Wings?

Empty my tasty Durian Smootie from Wings Cafe

I am Lost in Hong Kong... (Matt's t-shirt) nevermind Just do it (My T-shirt) lor!

Central meeting place @ LKWU

Two burger please!

Eat-lah! So Malaysian style eh!

I think Matt has reached his hometown by now and enjoying his mama's homemade breakfast, Sausage, Bacon, Egg etc... Anyway, Matt have a great holiday eh! don't forget my Xmas present eh!... See you next year


cbenc12 said...

Hye, I got that T-shirt that Matt's wore! But I washed with purple pants and now my Tshirt is pinkish in color already :( Have never even wear it yet..

Life's Roller Coaster~

TZ said...

cbenc12: So did you lost in Hong Kong?