Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peaceful Weekend @ Jangsem Ling, Triang, Pahang.

Where to? hmmm... this is everyone wanna to know after i blog about leaving KL again. I was invited by Anton to spend a peaceful weekend in a retreat center called Jangsem Ling.

Jangsem Ling daytime

Sunset @ Jangsem Ling

Prayer hall @ Jangsem Ling

We left about 10:30am from KL on Saturday morning... the journey took us about 2 hours plus.. we drove through the Karak town and couples of small towns... finally we reached a town called Triang. This town situated near the famous Bera Lake in Pahang. Anyway, from the town to Jangsem Ling. We need to pass through the palm oil and rubber plantation... yup! the retreat center is situated in the mid of the plantation.

Town of Triang, Pahang

We were greeted by Venerable Sonam, Chief Sangha when we arrived the retreat center. We walked around after leaving our bags in the room. The building is not very big but according to Anton, the whole area which belongs to this retreat center covers 17 Acres of land. Wow! such a big piece of land and it was donated to this retreat center by a big corporation. The place is very quiet and a nice place for retreat. Lots of "Qi"... :p

Anton became the cook after the sun down... He cooked nice dishes and good food too. After the dinner we chat and it was a long tired day... Hit the bed after a nice an hot shower.

There was an event on the following day related to Guan Yin... We had 1.5 hours plus of prayer with the Great Compassion Mantra.

I'm not sure how many repetitions that we had read but i bet we had read so soooo many times... I felt so nice after the prayer session. I felt more released... After the prayer, there was a session on releasing all blessed birdie and fishie...

Prayer session

Venerable Sonam, Chief Sangha

Birdie got blessed

Releasing the birdie

Once everything were completed it's time for our lunch... I managed to taste the homemade marinated salted vegetable and yummy vegetable soup made by the people of Triang... I never tasted such a nice vegetable soup... Hmmm... just don't ask me what is the ingredient... Need to ask from the aunties @ Triang if you would like to know. :) hmmm.... Maybe Anton has the recipe and he could make us the soup... hehehe :p

Homemade vegetable soup - yummy!

Homemade Salted Vegetable - Yum Yum!!!

Since the place was so quiet and nice... we decided to stay for another night instead of driving back late evening... Venerable Sonam was so worry that i was bored ... honestly speaking, i never felt bored as i was so relax and took lots of pictures.

We left Jangsem Ling early morning after saying goodbye to Venerable Sonam the next day... Back to the polluted KL city again... Sigh~

Anton, thanks for inviting me to this nice and quiet place :)


MiChi said...

wow! so good ... They take in nun or not? hahah....maybe one day I can be a nun there

William said...

The place would be perfect with more trees...

[SK] said...

you should even stop taking any photos, and really relax your mind there.. :p

Gratitude said...

Michi ~ your attachment to Papa Twilight is too great! :P

vialentino said...

wah bro....really a peaceful retreat ....sometimes u need this kind of vacation...

Stanley said...

I know this place. My aunt lives in Triang. Don't remember much about the place except that its REALLY far away.

TZ said...

Michi: Plz refer to Gratitude's comment... hahahaaaaa... he has answered :p

William: I agreed... more trees are better... but this place is new :) There's lots of plan to upgrade this place :)

[SK]: hahaha... taking picture is one of the relaxation for me.

Gratitude: hahaha... :p

Vialentino: Yup... this is nice place for retreat :)

Stanley: oh... is your aunty one of the members? :)

Neo said...

Triang sounds like a nice place for the weekend. :)

TZ said...

Neo: Yup! Triang is a good place for weekend.... people there is so friendly.

Twilight Zone said...

Oh Michi was drunk when she posted her comments. LOL

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww such enjoyable trip kekeee :)

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: hahahaaha.... :)

The happy go lucky one: yup ... I enjoy so much. The quietness and the peacefulness :)