Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival

Last night was the mid autumn festival... with the gloomy and hazy night in downtown KL... I hardly could see the moon... :-(

Anyway, we did not celebrate much on mid autumn festival... just have couple of different type of mooncake.

Mini Mooncake by Equatorial, got it as a gift...

Mom bought it just because i was craving for this teoh chew mooncake :-p

What is Mid Autumn Festival?


winniethepooh said...

ure teochew too tz? those fried yam mooncake..nice nice. Always love orh nee (that sweet yam dessert) too :)

happy mooncake festival..i think malaysian has a traditional go to the seaside to throw orange peel? (heard from a malaysian friend) so that u can 'catch' a nice gf? hehe Hey, btw, how did ur school gathering goes? was it good?

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: I'm not teochew, i'm hokkien... :-> But i like the yam mooncake yummy!

If not mistaken, i don't think we throw orange peel during Mid autumn festival... the lady throw orange peel during the 15th days of chinese new year (Chap goh mei) :-> But i think throwing orange peel is kind of outdated ... lady would throw orange peel in the net :-p

winniethepooh said...

oh hehe me is half teochew (daddy)/half hokkien(mummy)

ahh its new year not mid autumn..heheh paiseh :P